Orla O'Leary Get Fit Smiling



Conrad had a great time at your running camp last week. He has talked about it a lot and would like to go to the next one on the next school holidays! No pressure!

Rachel, Wollstonecraft


Orla makes training fun! I am like many women out there who had a baby and the weight just hung around! So I started doing Orla's PT sessions and wow! Orla is fantastic at what she does and always has a smile on her face when you arrive. She sets programs that challenge you and always offers positive encouragement while you're working out. Orla will also help you with an eating plan if you want added help.  A training session with Orla is a totally worth it!

Lisa, Naremburn


I have always found training sessions with Orla to be spot on. She manages a perfect mix of intensity and reprieve which ensures that you are working to the best of your capabilities. 

Most importantly, Orla is extremely conscientious with regard to the physical safety of her clients. As a physiotherapist I have been in numerous situations with other trainers, at the gym or on the sports field where advice from fitness instructors has been incorrect and potentially dangerous. Orla is very knowledgeable about spinal stability and posture, ensuring that her clients are exercising correctly, achieving optimum results in a safe environment.

She has an enormous repertoire of exercises and training options which make each session varied and interesting. She never seems to run out of ways to make you suffer - in a good way. In a group situation, or one on one, Orla’s enthusiasm, expertise and ingenuity make training with her a very worthwhile experience.

Victoria Watson, Naremburn


I cannot recommend Orla highly enough. She is a member of our Triathlon club in Ireland and during her recent stay here she provided coaching to many of our members and friends. Orla really knows her stuff. Whatever your fitness level, she will help you improve and feel good about it. Knowledge and qualifications are only one side of the story. Orla's real talent is her ability to meet people at their own level and help them achieve things they did not believe possible. She is especially good with beginners and people who need some encouragement to stay motivated. Her positivity and enthusiasm really are infectious. Thumbs up from all at Racing795, Ireland.

David Conway, Bunclody


Orla, you're an exceptional trainer! I'm having fun running and I never thought I'd say that! Also great is the personal attention to correct posture, technique and breathing; covering everything holistically! Everyone, get fit smiling! What a lovely community we can all be part of! :-)

Sharon Taggart, Naremburn


I'm loving getting fit in the process of a good catch up. See you in the morning! Xx

Priscilla Milner, Naremburn


Orla's the only person who's ever been able to motivate me to push myself during a group training session. She's the only personal trainer I'd ever hire!

Sam Selinger-Morris, Maroubra


As an individual I find going to the gym and slugging away on treadmills and exercise bikes such a chore and something that I cannot commit to in the long-term. My personal fitness is a big part of my life, I've tried out many different types of training including Original Bootcamp which was enjoyable but didn't suit my personal needs. That's when I decided to start taking personal training sessions with Orla, I enjoyed the fact that the sessions were small and intimate and even though everyone at the session wanted to achieve different things from the training Orla always makes sure that she pays everyone the same attention and tailors the workouts to your personal needs.The training is tough but thoroughly enjoyable with every session focusing on different muscles groups. I learnt a lot from my training sessions and I hope to continue to learn more in the future. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who is looking to achieve more form their workouts.

Jennifer Dudley, Cremorne


Orla you are amazing! I thought I would give the Drop off and RUN a go. Not being a runner, I was apprehensive but it was fantastic. I did it at my own pace, varied the running/walking and I didn't once feel like I was holding anyone up. I felt great after it. She makes the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenges she will offer me each week!

Lisa Townsend, Naremburn


Working with Orla has been fantastic.
She is extremely committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a fun & professional training session. After two children it was great to get back into shape. I feel much stronger & more energetic. I enjoyed the stress relief of boxing and sprints (whilst very challenging) was great fun to do.

Kate Critchfield, Neutral Bay


I love my training sessions with Orla, she knows what I enjoy doing and always tries to incorporate these activities into our sessions. Orla takes the time to get know me and my fitness level, she offers encouragement and motivation and helps me to push myself that little bit further each week. Orla brings a positive energy to every session which helps inspire me to train harder.

Susan Eddy, Northbridge

Orla O’Leary is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced fitness professional with tireless energy and enthusiasm that guarantees her wide-range of clients achieve their fitness goals without injury and with plenty of laughs.

Orla has personally helped me regain my strength and fitness after a major knee operation this year. I have little time to dedicate to exercise these days due to work and family so Orla ensures I maximise every session to get results quickly. She’s even rekindled my love for running and continues to open my eyes to different exercise techniques and theory (even when I thought I knew it all)!

I highly recommend Orla to anyone looking for an extremely effective Personal Trainer that gets results and makes exercise a delight.

Katie Yates, Northbridge


A quick thank you for your help in building my fitness, strength and most importantly confidence. It’s amazing how much the body can change in such a short time with the right coaching and guidance. I appreciate your help.

Joseph Khamza, Longueville


Thank you so much for training the new mums group.  I just loved our weekly classes. Your skills were excellent, and the drills you gave us always varied which made for exciting sessions - I was never bored or unmotivated - and you were always diligent at watching our technique and making sure we were doing the exercises correctly. VERY important for new mums!


You were also fantastic with little Phoebe as she had a tendency to be rather teary when her mum was sent off running around the oval.

Rowena Brownie, Hunters Hill