Group Training.


My group training classes are held at local parks. They challenging but fun, flexible and social too. I run a number of classes throughout the week including boxing, running, Barre (mix of dance and pilates) and circuit training. Classes are small, attention to detail is big and intimidation is nil. Children are always welcome.


First class is free.

$12 to $18 per session.

See timestable.

Mums & Mums-to-be.


Yes, you do deserve a category all to yourselves!


Being pregnant and having babies is life changing. Naturally, by that I mean, life changing for the better. But actually our mental and physical health is tested during these all-encompassing years and if you don’t prioritise our health, then your wheels will fall off, followed closely by those of your family. I guarantee I’ll get you training, fit and strong, but also safe and injury free. I have a bank of health professionals to call on to to help you with your pelvic floor recovery, abdominal separation, C-section issues, pain from breast feeding, lifting etc – and all the other joyous ailments that come with motherhood!


The sessions are fun, engaging, challenging and safe. Babies and toddlers of course welcome.

See timestable.


Private Sessions.


I love my private clients, they are so loyal to me! Tailored, specific and goal orientated, we work hard to get the results you need. I will liaise with your other health professionals to deliver you a holistic and fulfilling program.


I can come to your house or we can meet at a park.


$80 per hour (1-1), $100 per hour (2-1)

DIY Training.


Motivation – check. Time – check. Program – errr, I’ll wing it.


Research show that we will be more consistent and ‘tick off our goals’ if we have a program to follow. Let me help you with that.


After one hour face-to-face chat, assessment and goal setting, I will write you a program, which you follow, with a weekly ‘keeping you honest’ check-in email/call each week. At the end we can meet again to reassess and set more goals. Too easy.


Six week DIY program (asses, program, reassess) $250.


Contact me to set it up.

Corporate Training.


Did you know that sitting is killing us? Bus drivers die earlier than bus conductors. Why? Because we sit so much. Sitting turns off key muscles and makes others weak and too long. To compensate, other muscles get tight and short, throwing out our alignment out and causing all kinds issues. Then there is the actual lack of movement. This slows our metabolism, makes us sleepy and of course burns few if any kilojoules.


My corporates are used of hearing me banging on about these, and other issues. Your sessions with me will give you bang for you buck, boost morale, help you train for your latest event, eliminate the 3pm droop and much, much more. Contact me to set up a trial session with your work mates.


I also provide ‘Lunch n Learn’ services, one-off sessions for company offsites and much more.


Just don’t ask me to tackle your PnL!