Get Kids Running


Kids love running. We just need to make it fun, rewarding and internally motivating for them. This is a no pressure, no competition class where your kids can have fun challenging themselves to run better, run faster and run longer - and see personal bests along the way.


Forget monotonous laps of the oval. This will be Pac Man, Bull Rush, Snakes in the Gutter, Giants, Wizards, Elves, Relays, Treasure Hunts, Obstacle Courses and more. Before they know it, their little hearts will be pumping and little muscles growing. And hopefully they'll eat a hearty dinner and sleep well afterwards!


The sessions run for an hour and the children partake in several warm-up games, followed by fun technique drills, relays and distance running.


$14 per class, term times. Mondays at Tunks Park.


Call 0432 015 502 or email 



Get Kids Running Holiday Camp


I also run Get Kids Running Holiday Camps during school holidays.

Running from 9am-3pm the day is filled with fun, energetic running games, relays and team play.


$60 per child per day.